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Parity One makes your factor based investment strategies production ready.
Robust back testing and ongoing management of your strategy is carried out in the form of automated benchmarks.

Benchmarks can be launched as indices, funds and ETFs.

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Unique approach to evaluation of investment research

Parity One builds model portfolios by tracking research recommendations.
This portfolio approach provides great visibility into the performance of research and helps price discovery under MiFID II.

Research evaluation for both providers and consumers of Research.

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Do you know the EU Benchmarks regulation has entered into application on January 1, 2018?

The definition of benchmarks is expanded to include all indices/baskets which are used as underlying for financial instruments and all benchmarks that are used to measure the performance of an investment fund or guide the investment allocation within those funds.

What does it mean for you?

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About Us

We are a group of industry professionals and technology experts that have come together to transform the way investments are done today by introducing intelligent quantitative techniques and automation into various investment functions.
We are a pioneer in evaluating investment research for efficient price discovery post MiFID II regulation in the EU.

“The next generation investment technology.”

We are one of Europe’s top 3 FinTech firms awarded at European FinTech awards 2017.

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