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VTFinTech partners with research portal Alphametry to roll out its MiFID II compliant research evaluation services

25th September 2018  |  London VTFinTech, the technology provider of portfolio management and research evaluation services, announced today that it has partnered with Alphametry to provide its Parity One based Research Evaluation technology on the Alphametry research platform. Available now, the partnership offers asset managers a quantitative way of [...]

VTFinTech deploys Parity One on OpenFin’s Operating System

20 Sep 2018  |  London VTFinTech, the technology provider of portfolio management and research evaluation services, today announced that it has joined the OpenFin platform to quickly and seamlessly onboard, deploy and deliver its Parity One software at scale to financial institutions. Parity One is a revolutionary platform that is [...]

Single vs Multi-Factor ETFs

The irresistible charm of factor investing (single or multi-factor ETFs) lies in their ability to offer potential for out performance, which has led to their explosive growth in recent years. Traditional index funds only use market capitalisation as a factor. Smart-Beta Funds offer a variety of alternatives by offering [...]

The easiest way to create your own indices for ETFs

ETFs have been at the centre of investor money flows for decades. Until the early 2000s, they were restricted to pure passive strategies tracking well known market indices like S&P 500 in the US (no wonder S&P 500 ETFs are the biggest ETFs in the world!) Since the beginning of [...]

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