Parity One for
Asset Managers

Helps you pick the best performing research for your portfolios

Discover research that can help you produce Alpha

We are building the largest pool of performance led research analytics where Parity One readily backtests and extracts alpha from research providers, so you can discover and monitor the research that helps you produce alpha.

Track and evaluate research

Track the research coming from your subscribed providers and evaluate the performance in real-time on an ongoing basis so that you continue to consume the best performing research that is right for your portfolios.

Build ideas for your portfolios

Combine research with other investment drivers available on the platform to create sophisticated multi-factor investment ideas for you to use in your portfolios. There is nothing more convincing than data.

Justify your research spend

The performance evaluation of Parity One acts as your objective measure to justify the research spend to investors or higher management (if absorbed internally). This evaluation can easily be combined with other forms of evaluation you have in place, such as the broker voting and interaction analysis.

3 things you can do only with Parity One


Allocate your research budgets based on the objective performance of the providers


Your research needs are smartly matched with best-in-class providers using research optimiser


Combine research with other investment drivers to create sophisticated strategies from the same platform

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