Parity One for
research providers

A strategic platform to track the performance of research recommendations through research benchmarks

retain the edge post Mifid II

Market yourself better in the competitive post MiFID II research business.

spot Alphas and betas

Understand the strengths and weaknesses in your research to produce the Alpha for your clients. Through your Research Benchmarks, Parity One enables you to understand top performers, compare it with other indexes and produce market based research strategies to extract the Alpha in your research.

Persuade your clients

Showcase your alpha producing capabilities to your clients. Let Parity One explain why your research is best-in-class with the data-backed evidence of your research’s performance. There is nothing more convincing than data.

fall in love with our features

Access to global data

We collect variety of data from across the globe so you have access to whichever investment universe you are interested in.

Easy to use interface

All the quantitative analysis is now a click away

Track research performance

Parity One offers an independent and consistent way to evaluate research by tracking the performance of recommendations

High-quality service

We are available whenever you need any help with Parity One. Music never stops.

Plug and Play

Parity One is easy to set up with its API.​

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