Parity One

Revolutionary platform to evaluate the performance of research and build research-based investment strategies 

Track the performance of research

Parity One tracks the performance of research recommendations and builds an indexed series that can give a quick and power insight into the aggregated performance of the research.

A portfolio approach to evaluate research

Parity One combines all the recommendations of each provider into a model portfolio, R’folio, so that the evaluation is holistic. This portfolio approach, when combined with individual recommendations, significantly reduces the time to evaluate and enables optimisation of research for buy side investment portfolios.


VT Smart Conviction

Parity One uses proprietary “VT Smart Conviction” methodology to build and manage the R’folios. This methodology extracts the alpha producing capabilities of research using the conviction behind the recommendations. Changes in recommendations and research coverage are managed in the R’folio such that the performance trends are intact.

Build on research

Using its factor-based approach to portfolio construction, Parity One allows for investment strategies to be created by combining multiple research, backtested and managed. Multi factor portfolios can be built using research along with balance sheet numbers and various other risk measures that Parity One calculates for all securities.

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Research to investment products

R’folios are built as indexed series on Parity One. When converted into investible indices, they can act as underlying benchmarks to create investment products like structured products, investment funds and ETFs. R’folios are administered according to EU Benchmarks Regulation 2018.

Build investment strategies in 4 simple steps!

  • Choose the Universe / Market Index
  • Choose the research and market factors
  • Add the selection criteria
  • Setup Rebalancing / Hedging requirements
  • Ready to go!
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Realise the true potential of research today

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