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Lines are getting blurred between indices and investment portfolios

There has never been more need for diversified and investible bespoke benchmarks. From investors to regulators the prominence of tailor-made benchmarks, which capture the latest trends in investing and satisfy the investor demands, is clearly visible.

Through Parity One we are the first to launch a comprehensive suite of tools
dedicated for managing benchmarks and rule based strategies.

Platform for smart beta and multi-factor investment strategies

Parity One is used to build differentiated factor based strategies in the form of automated benchmarks which capture alpha over market indices. These benchmarks can be launched as indices, funds and ETFs or simply used as model portfolios.

Through its innovative factor based approach to construction,
Parity One can also evaluate investment research
by tracking the research recommendations in the form of Research Benchmarks.

Design and manage
bespoke indices

Value investment research
for MiFID II compliance

Back-test investment strategies
based on research and factors

Benchmarks can be designed in
4 simple steps!

  • 1

    Choose your universe / index

  • 2

    Choose your factors

  • 3

    Add selection and allocation criteria

  • 4

    Setup Rebalancing/Hedging requirements

  • Ready to go!

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